My Road to Living Chemical Free

The road to living chemical free has been expensive and confusing to say the least, which is why I’ve decided to create this blog. Hopefully some of you can bypass the confusion and expense and start seeing the benefits sooner than I did.

I’m probably the most gullible person I know. I will try anything once if it claims to do what I want it to do…no matter how much it costs. I’ve wasted a lot of money this way! Below is what I do now. These may not work for everyone but I’m pretty happy with the results. The great thing is that all of these do save us money! Our shopping bill isn’t so high anymore and we don’t spend as much on doctors, antibiotics etc.

White Vinegar and Bi-carb Soda

These pantry stables make cleaning so simple! You barely need any gimmicky cleaning products if you have these to hand.

Vinegar –

  • Add to water to clean wooden floors
  • Spray undiluted to clean mouldy showers
  • Mix equal parts to water for a surface spray (avoid using on granite or marble bench tops though). This can also be used on windows, shower screens and mirrors.

Bi-carb Soda –

  • Mix water to make a paste and spread over inside of oven. Leave over night and then wipe of with a wet cloth.
  • Make a paste with water to clean bathroom sinks, baths, tiles and the toilet.
  • Sprinkle on carpet or rugs, leave for 20mins and then vacuum to get rid of odours
  • Burnt food on pots? Add water and sprinkle bi-carb then leave it to sit over night before washing.

Essential Oils

I was introduced to essential oils just over a year ago to help our son boost his immune system. They have now become a part of our every day life. I use them for cleaning, health, food and home-made skin care products. Not only have they helped improve our health but I now save so much money that I would usually spend on cleansers, moisturisers etc. I have had problem skin since my early teens and have spent so much money trying to clear it up (read above where I said I’m very gullible!). I wish I’d known all that time ago that I just needed to simplify things. I’ll expand more on that another time though.


I have been a smart shopper with Norwex for a couple of years now. I am NOT a consultant and am not sharing this to get you to buy things from me. I have a genuine love for their products and wish to share that. In the past I have used their dishwashing liquid and washing powder but they are just too expensive for me to justify continuing with them. However, I do love their cleaning paste which gets rid of stubborn stains on benchtops. The very first night I cooked in my new kitchen I dropped turmeric oil on our WHITE stone bench (I cried!)…I tried a damp cloth, and dishwashing liquid before turning to the cleaning paste and it worked a treat! Their leather cleaner is also wonderful for our couch. With two little kids it gets filthy pretty quickly but the cleaner takes it all off and has a pleasant aroma to it.

Most of all though I love the kitchen towels and enviro cloths. I no longer buy sponges for washing the dishes or paper towel. I use them until they get dirty and then throw them in the wash! You would not believe how much money this saves us. I have an enviro cloth in the bathroom at all times to give the cabinets and benchtop a quick wipe at night and use the bi-carb soda for a deeper clean.

Castile Soap

I have recently discovered the wonders of castile soap…it has at least 14 different uses! I’m testing them all out and will do a blog post on their effectiveness at a later date.


The change to chemical free has been quite a challenge. There’s a lot of information out there and a lot of products that claim to be natural, non-toxic and chemical free, but aren’t really. I have found it easier just to work with the most basic products.

While this change has definitely saved us money and improved our health, it has also uncluttered our house! Unknowingly, replacing all the chemical filled products with the more natural options has opened up space in our cupboards. There’s just no need to have the cupboards crammed with various cleaning products anymore.

This is a very broad overview of what I use but I guess as I search for more things to blog about, you will find out more about how I use things, especially the essential oils. The oils will come up a lot in my DIY recipes! In the meantime if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message 🙂



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