I Quit Sugar…

I love food. Everything about it. I love discovering new recipes, cooking, entertaining, going to amazing restaurants and of course eating. I also have a pretty difficult time maintaining my weight. I find it really hard to get into exercise, especially when I’m juggling work, kids and maintaining a house as well.

I’ve tried a lot of diets. I’m not going to name and shame but basically, they all failed to deliver. Counting calories, counting points, working out hard 6 days a week…they always seemed promising, but in reality they were just really hard to maintain.

After I had our son, I tried really hard to shake the weight I’d gained during pregnancy. I signed up for boot camp and ate really healthy…or so I thought anyway. You know, fruit smoothies, CADA for breakfast, bliss balls made with dates and other dried fruit. All the things that we are told are healthy. But, despite all my hard work and dedication, I just couldn’t move the weight. Then one day this picture popped up on my news feed on Facebook…


Acne…tick. Brittle nails…tick. Muffin top…tick. Fat around the jaw line…tick…and the list goes on. I was confused because my husband was the sugar addict in our house. He had at least one bar of chocolate a day, not to mention the cakes and sugary cereal. I ate healthy…didn’t I? I didn’t decide to quit sugar then though. After trying so many different ways to lose weight, I really needed to do my research first. So, for at least a month I Googled and Googled IQS and everything else I could think of. It all started to make sense. All the ‘healthy’ stuff I was eating was still full of sugar. Natural sugar maybe, but still the sugar that makes you feel crap and causes a sugar addiction. I signed up for my first program in June 2015 and honestly, haven’t looked back. I have done every program since and continue to live a sugar free life.

I find this lifestyle easy and achievable. It’s not something I have to think about now. I have IQS recipes and other sugar free recipes I have found on high rotation, I still meal plan every week whether on the program or not and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

Do I ever have sugar? Absolutely! I have to admit, I still love the stuff. BUT, I now know my limits and how to recover if I do have a blow out. After my first program, I lost 5kg and continuing to live the IQS way, I managed to maintain that weight without exercise until I fell pregnant again.

I know a lot of people have queries about the program and wonder if it’s right for them. In my next post I will address the concerns that we had going in and what we found, plus any tips I think may help others.



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