Why this blog?

As a mum, my main priority is to keep my family healthy. So, when my son started falling sick all the time I felt like I was failing. He was 1 and had just started daycare as I had returned to work. As if deciding to leave your little one at daycare wasn’t stressful enough…the guilt when he was constantly coming home sick was just unbearable. In his first 6 months at daycare he had countless colds, tonsillitis, croup,  around 8 ear infections and hand food and mouth.

Of course, the easy answer would have been to take him out of daycare. In reality though, we couldn’t do that. We have a mortgage and bills to pay, mouths to feed, so I had to go back to work. We don’t have family members who are able to look after our children while we work, so daycare was our only option.

Fed up with the sickness and non-stop antibiotics that my poor boy was on, I decided that we needed to clean up our lives and our house. Go au natural and see if that would make a difference.

Over the past 18 months I have been slowly turning our house into a chemical free zone. We aren’t 100% chemical free, but we are way better than we were! I decided to start this blog to get my voice out there. I know there are so many blogs very similar to mine, but maybe…just maybe, there is a mum out there who is in the same situation I was. Looking for ways to make her family better, healthier and happier.

So, I guess you are wondering if the changes made any difference to our health? First of all, I wouldn’t have started this blog if they didn’t 😉 Recently my son finished his second winter at daycare and I kid you not…he didn’t get one cold or even a sniffle. Yes, his immune system is probably stronger than when he started the year before, but I am convinced that becoming chemical free has definitely had a hand in that.

The road to becoming chemical free hasn’t been cheap as I have tried many products. Some hits, some misses. I would like to use this blog to share the hits with you – my favourite products, my favourite sources and my own DIY recipes – so you don’t have to learn the long, expensive way.


4 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. Lovely post! It was a similar experience for us – my eldest was also sick quite frequently in the first couple of years and we were told this was just a ‘normal’ part of being a kid. We started making changes shortly after my second son was born, and it’s been a completely different experience for him. I don’t think he’s ever needed antibiotics, at least that I can remember! Congrats on the new blog. 🙂 Erin xx

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  2. Jenni it’s so awesome you have started a blog! I am really interested to hear more about your tips for moving to a chemical-free life. I never thought much about the products I used on my body and in my home, until I switched to eating non-processed foods. That made me feel so good, I started wondering whether other synthetic products in my life were also having an impact on my well being. I look forward to hearing more about your personal journey. Congratulations!

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    1. Thanks Rani! I didn’t start thinking about going chemical free until I started IQS either. It’s made such a difference to my life! I hope you find the information useful 🙂


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